Wednesday, February 2, 2011


THE WORLD:  Fulfillment

In the traditional Tarot card, a dancing woman, said to represent Sophia, the incarnation of Wisdom and Spirit, is encircled by symbols for the 4 elements. Here is Gaia, the World Soul, Anima Mundi, whose hands bear the flower and fruit of the World Tree.   Wisdom, in the form of the Goddess, is at the center of the circle, be that circle the 4 elements that make a whole of life's diverse powers and experiences, or the round globe, as here, of the Earth, or the personal  circle of a journey completed, a cycle that has returned to it's beginning again, complete.   At Journey's end (until the next cycle begins) is the fruit of the Tree of Life - Wisdom.  The meaning of this card is exactly that:  completion, fullness.  Now is the time to celebrate the "hero's return" - and part of that return is to give back to the World what has been learned and gained, the fruit of journey.

Reversed:  You may feel that you are finished now, but you are not.  There is something more you need to do or seek to finish what you began.

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