Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Praise the day!  The colors and taste of it!

It’s a sunny day.  A child holds a shining ball of sunlight in his hand.  That child is you, the one you probably forgot to go outside and play with for a very long time. Perhaps duty, habit, or routine have made you far too “adult” for far too long. You’ve convinced yourself that spontaneity, the sheer sensual pleasure of being alive, is now  a thing of the past.  Think again.   The time to re-acquaint yourself with the joyful "inner child"  you is now.  In fact, now is really the only thing your inner child understands.  

Do you remember what it was like to be on a magical quest?  There are talking trees, warm rocks and delightful dips in cool pools waiting for you. The day awaits.  Play with it.  There will never be another day like it!  You have a rare ability to warm and illuminate the hearts of everyone you meet, so open your hand and take a good look at the Sun shining in your hand.  The Sun affirms the radiant grace with which you shine your unique brilliance into the world.   Go ahead - open the door and walk outside, splash in a puddle, sing a corny song and let the day‘s adventure begin.  Reversed:  You may be in danger of being glum, gloomy, and old beyond your years.  Go outside right now and change it.

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All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2011)

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