Wednesday, February 2, 2011


THE DEMON ("The Shadow") 

It's been said that if you don't turn around to face your  demons, they'll bite you on your rear, hard.  In Jungian psychology there is the teaching of the "Shadow", which are aspects of one's self that are unconscious or unrevealed, and thus "cast a shadow".  Very often what we seemingly can't accept about ourselves we will project onto others, despising or reacting strongly to some perceived defect in their character that actually belongs to our own repressed life issues.  In this image, two people are in a passionate, intimate embrace.  But there is a third, powerful, sinister figure in this scenario that is clasping the two in a suffocating grasp.  This is the "Demon", the emotional baggage of unconscious and repressed projections, fears and rage that are also present, waiting to strangle the love and the union.  By remaining unconscious and uncommunicative, the demon gains its power, and this card reminds the Querant to turn and face his or her demons, and through the growth of understanding, the shadow can eventually become a friend, a source of inner compassion and depth.

Reversed:  Don't let your demon rule your your life, don't just say "the Devil made me do it", and then go out and continue with self-destructive behavior, and behavior that is alienating to all of those you want love from.  Take responsibility.

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