Wednesday, February 2, 2011



“The greater the delusion the greater the potential for clear seeing”
Antero Alli
Human beings have an extraordinary ability to delude themselves, to create stories and mental demons that keep them from seeing what is right before their eyes.  While inhabiting dark and lonely caves populated by erroneous assumptions, stubborn fantasies,  intellectual constructs without any real substance, and stagnant thought forms, we can’t see the obvious. Here the doorway to freedom and truth stands wide open, seemingly in plain view.  But the way is obstructed by a labyrinth of projections, unexamined beliefs, and devitalizing delusions that keep the seeker from passing into that bright, blue beyond.

You are reminded to keep practicing discernment.  The doors of clear perception are opening before you as you wind your way through the veils of Maya.  All you have to do is PERSEVERE.  You are very close to leaving behind many entangled illusions that have obscured your way for a long time.   A reversed meaning for this card, of course, may be its opposite.  You may be  becoming lost in a thickening miasma of delusions.  Be warned and take action with an open and questioning mind, and the willingness to listen and communicate if the oppressive cloud of illusions you are struggling through concerns others. It may be time for as many reality checks as you can take. 

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