Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's been said many times that Strength comes from within.  While mythology is populated with figures that have super-human powers, on every "heroes journey"  it is the internal fires of determination, endurance, and faith in one's purpose that keep the hero to his or her quest, and allow it's final successful accomplishment.  You have enormous reserves of inner strength,  and others often depend on you for those reserves, "warming" their own courage before the heat of your warm, strong heart.  Remember that, as you go forward to confront challenges that you may feel intimidated by.  This card also reminds you to ask for what you may need from others that gives you strength.....because the support is mutually beneficial.

Reversed:  What's sapping your strength?  What has been "extinguishing the fires" of your endurance and inner resolve?  What, conversely, do you need from others to support and strengthen you in your own Quest, that you are not receiving?  Before you undertake a new journey or endeavor, it's important to strengthen yourself by answering these questions now.

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