Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Lovers stand beneath "Axix Mundi", the World Tree, a symbol that reminds us that we are connected to the above world and the below world, the future and the past, at every moment.  The man offers the woman a flame to ignite their shared passion, which she reaches for with delight.  This card can be about Eros, erotic and romantic love, but it also is simply about Love, the sacred union of kindred souls  and the "flame" that their union ignites in both hearts.

If this card has been chosen, you may soon have love entering your life and "lighting your fire";  you may also be encouraged by this card to bear that "flame"  to the one you love, warming the connection between you to a new level of love.  Reversed:  Let your heart assist you in making decisions.  What do you truly love as you consider a new course?  This card reversed could also relate to poor timing, poor communication, and frustration of mutual understanding in your relationships.  This may not be the time to rush in, and you may not be entering into a love relationship a the present time for the best or clearest of reasons.  Don't rush in because you feel lonely - learn to love yourself now, and when you least expect it, the right partner will arrive at a more auspicious time.

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