Wednesday, February 2, 2011


SACRED - Reclaiming the Sacred in Everything

What is sacred?A better way to put it might be, what is sacred to you?  How do you have the experience of  “seeing in a sacred manner “ now, not tomorrow or yesterday or in Church, but now and here?  What practices refresh your sense of reverence,  even as you pursue the most mundane tasks of daily life?  If you’ve drawn this card, you are infused with a delightful, and infectious, capacity to appreciate the Sacred in everything.  Every where you go, you create little shrines, icons, rituals and ceremonies - to the inspiration of so many others.  Or the card may be gently reminding you to refresh your daily acquaintance with the sacred dimension of your life. 

Reversed:  You have fallen into the rut of a life that is too "mundane", and lost your  contact with what is personally and universally sacred. 

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All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2012)

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