Wednesday, February 2, 2011


THE CONTRARY ("Liminal")

Is this figure male, or female?  Black, or White?  Is that an expression of benign humor, or diabolical mischief?   Or, possibly, both?  In many tribal cultures, such as among the Lakota, an honorary position in all sacred ceremonies and spiritual life of the tribe is given to the Heyoka, the "sacred clown".  Among the Hopi and Zuni, there are always sacred clowns at even the most serious events, and they are free to do anything they feel like doing, from climbing walls to belching or pinching girls, in spite of the seriousness of the ceremony in progress.  This is to demonstrate that life includes chaos and the unknowable - the Contrary exists in that liminal zone outside of all the perceived "rules" of life.  Beyond the pairs of opposites, he/she transcends those rules, and especially reminds us to laugh when we become too serious and certain of things.  

Reversed:  You have become far too serious and certain, bordering on self-righteous or narrow minded.  Beware:  you are a prime target for the visitation of a potent Contrary, just waiting to shake up your life and your certainties.

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