Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As if floating in the depths of the ocean, these figures surface toward the full moon.  Seeing the "above world" by the pale,  reflected light of the Moon, they are drawn forward like swimmers, or like dreamers.  The ocean is a potent symbol of the subconscious, and this card means that many things once subconscious are now making becoming visible.  But they are visible "through a glass darkly", by the reflective, subjective, intuitive light of the moon, rather than the hard light of the sun, which represents reason and clarity.  Listen to your  intuition and your dreams as you proceed forward now.  Many things are surfacing, unconscious fears and memories, and the light of the moon belongs to this watery, mutable realm, a light that reveals in ways veiled, and things previously sublimated now are surfacing.  Take this opportunity to face your fears of the unknown as you proceed on your journey.  It's the time to make the moonlit journey into unknown country as things invisible, secret, deceptions that may be in your environment,  and disturbing emotions are arising into your awareness.  Seeing them clearly now,  and having faith in your ability to face the unknown,  will release you from what has previously haunted you, and give you the confidence to continue into the unknown. 

Reversed: You may have been deceiving yourself about something recently and this is no longer possible for you to do.  Or strong feelings are arising that you do not understand and feel overwhelmed by. Do not allow yourself to remain paralyzed - allow these feelings to surface and learn what they can reveal to you. Now is the time to develop your skills for "swimming in the dark", and learning to see by the alternate, subtle light of the Moon.

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All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2011)

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