Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What could be a greater image of Abundance than the amazing tail of a peacock?  Their iridescent colors, and huge fan when the male peacock chooses to display, is almost too much color and magnificence to behold - one is left wondering at the awesome spectacle of Abundant Beauty that nature is offering to us every day.   And, like the Peacock, free of charge, given and given and given.  Take a cue from the dancing Peacock, and make a point of not only counting your abundant blessings, but enjoying them.  And more is on the way - just be sure to count on it, and be grateful.

Reversed, this card is reminding you of a kind of "scarcity consciousness" in your environment.  Take a look at it - are you really so impoverished?  You may need to be careful to not think like a pauper, but rather, count your many blessings, fully expecting more to come your way.

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