Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Season of Rest and Renewal

To everything, turn turn turn
There is a season, turn turn turn

An embryo appears beneath the ice of a snow-clad pond.  Winter’s child, sleeping beneath the frozen surface.  She is the yet unborn child of a spring that will come when the time is ripe. We are cyclical beings, participating in ever expanding circles of life. There are personal cycles that are unique to our own life impulses, and there are collective cycles as well. There is a time to be active,  and there is an equal need for times of rest.  Dormancy is a word we’re uncomfortable with in our busy lives, but slowing down, rejuvenating and becoming receptive during the dark months of the year is part of nature‘s wisdom, necessary to new growth.

If we are not continually achieving we often feel something is wrong.But the achievements of soul work do not necessarily adhere to the clock or calendar. A depression may be a wake-up call, reflecting genuine weariness or an authentic need for change. Perhaps you need to grieve for someone or something that has passed out of your life, and you‘ve never given yourself the opportunity to do so. This card can indicate the need now for you to accept the healing season of dormancy, to slow down, empty out, dream and rejuvenate.Reversed:  It's time to get real about being exhausted. You could be running on empty. Maybe now is the time for long overdue rest.  Accept it,  and stop fighting.  Spring and new life will come eventually.

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