Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Goddess (The Empress)

The Goddess, which in traditional Tarot was called the Empress, is here shown as the Great Mother.  She is portrayed in religion, mythology and many spiritual traditions in many, many ways - in the west, she has often been identified as the Triple Goddess, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, which also relates to the cycles of life of Gaia, our Mother Earth.  Within the history of patriarchal religions, in which deity is considered male "God the Father",  the Goddess has been denigrated or denied, thus creating a long his-story of suppression and denial of the Feminine Face of the Divine.  The Goddess is also about what Carl Jung called "the Anima", the feminine aspect of each human being, whether you are female or male.  Celebrate the Goddess within yourself!  She is working with you, changing everything She touches, healing, creating, and dancing into your life.

Reversed:  The feminine is wounded in your life in some utterly significant way.  Make every effort to heal the "anima" within your soul, to allow the powers of nurturance, beauty and intuition that the Goddess represents to arise within your spirit - this is true whether you are a woman or a man.  This card may also mean that you are in an environment that is destructive to the "Goddess within", or destructive to the feminine souls of others around you.  To allow this situation to persist without conscious understanding will cause great harm to you and to those you love.

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