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Like the Tarot, the Rainbow Bridge Oracle may be used for divination in many ways.  I use a 13 card spread I created for myself, and I chose the number 13 because it was traditionally sacred to the Great Mother, as there are 13 lunations in a year.  And so the 13th Question (or, the 13th Moon, the "home moon") is the Outcome. Shuffle the cards, and draw a card in response to each question, laying them out in a Circle.


1.  What do I need? 
(At the beginning of an endeavor or a quest, one gathers the tools and resources one will need to undertake the journey.)

2.  How can I purify myself? 
(Purification before any form of prayer or ceremony was important to Native American traditions.  Before any "vision quest" can begin, inner preparation is necessary.)

3.  What must I honor?  
(This concerns the importance of recognizing the gifts you possess. Establishing a foundation of gratitude.)

4.  What should my intention be?
(Clearly defining the Querant's intention, understanding one's essential purpose in this undertaking.)

5.  What is hidden? 
(What should the Querant be willing to investigate?  What is the shadow in this situation?)

6.  What must I do to improve my connection to Spirit? 
(What spiritual practices will assist me?)

7.  What must I sacrifice? 
(Letting go of control and allowing vulnerability is not easy, and often requires leaving what is known behind. What needs to be released in order to go forward?)
8.  Where am I going?
(This is not about an actual place, but how am I inwardly transforming?)

9.  What do I need in order to be in good relationship with others? 
(The growth of compassion, empathy, and skillful means in dealings with others. What practices might assist?)

10.  What do I need from others to be in good relationship?
(What is necessary for me to fully engage with others - or conversely, what is unacceptable or destructive for me in my dealings with others?)

11.  Where should I go now?
(In what direction is the Quest leading me?)

12.  How may I serve? 
(What service  can I can make to life, community, and the Earth?)

13. The Outcome.
(Up to three cards may be pulled for better clarity.)

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