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"The Shaman   knows that Death is the Changer"

  Hyemoyohsts Storm

Deep in the Earth, the body of a woman lies curled into the fetal position.  Tree roots reach into her tomb, which was, in ancient pagan traditions, viewed as the womb of the Earth Mother. She is naked in death, because at the end of life we return to as naked as we came into the world.  She is here a seed, buried in the fertile earth.  All matter, all forms, return to the matrix of Mother Earth, to be re-absorbed, to nourish new life.  From each ending the seeds of a new life are germinated.   Nothing is lost - spring will come again, bringing a flowering of new dreams and deeds, and each spirit, each quest, will be reborn in some form.  The figure is illuminated by a beam of  Light from above,  which is generating the quickening of new life - Rebirth.

One  meaning for this card is the final ending of an aspect of the Querants life, such as a marriage or a career:  the end of a former way of knowing the world.  A profound ending is very painful.  Yet if we are able to accept the finality of Death, such a time may be viewed as the seed of a new pathway.  You may need to accept a death now,  be it a way of life, a relationship, or perhaps a career.  Let it go, back into the earth, and gather your energies now for the new road ahead.  It is time to find new beginnings, to allow the quickening of rebirth.  Reversed, the card suggests that you deeply need to let go.  You need to mourn,  accept, bury what has died, and then move on, instead of remaining frozen in what is gone. 

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