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This card was inspired by the traditional Tarot card the  "Wheel of Fortune", which represents the continual turning of the wheel of life.  As such, the Wheel means that we must both accept that there are always ups and downs, times of fortune and times of hardship, and we must also develop an instinctual sense of when it's right to take advantage of an opportunity that has arisen. The image in this card is based upon the spectrum of the Rainbow, with interlocked "hoops" forming a central mandala, further signifying unity.  It is set against a backdrop of animals representing the intelligence and unique qualities of the  "four directions" - earth, wind, fire and water.  One's personal fate and the choices that one is given to make are also interwoven with collective cycles and destiny - from a wider perspective, a unified whole.   We often cannot know the reasons for why things happen, but must accept or trust that the fortunes of life have a greater significance.  The wheel  indicates that changes will take place in an accelerated way is the beginning of a new cycle, and you are not alone in that transition.  

Reversed : When fortune is reversed, times can be stressful.  You may be having what certainly seems like bad luck now, or suffering from having made what may have been a bad choice in the past.  Don't allow your energy to be too depleted by this difficult time;  learn from mistakes, adapt as you must, and be hopeful for the future.


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