Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Our memories are the source of what we know as our personalities, and generally, how we experience events.  Memories are our reference points, and even the most painful are our personal treasures, our legacies.  At the same moment, memories are not always "factual" or "true", and many blocks of memory are repressed or reinvented.  As we get older, like it or not, memory can become less sharp.  If you've chosen this card, now is a time when you may be in need of re-examining the memories that, like colored threads in the tapestry of your life story, seem to be surfacing now.  Some memories, like jewels, deserve to be refreshed and enjoyed, and may lead to people it would be well worthwhile trying to renew your friendship with.  Other memories may be haunting you, which means that these threads need to be looked at carefully to see what you have to learn, what clues to present concerns could be solved by  re-examining this memory of the past.

Reversed:  You have forgotten, or perhaps re-invented,  something very important, and it's vital that you remember now.

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