Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Without Desire, nothing is conceived.  All that birth of new life, new possibilities, new hope begins with desire the for union, for experience, for pleasure, for knowledge.  Desire is the engine of creation, and profound, authentic desire is profoundly connected to the life force.  But desire can be sublimated, denied or perverted into lust or superficial acquisition, even hoarding where authentic desire has become mistrusted.  What do you truly desire, deep in your soul?  Real love, meaningful work, engaging creativity, beauty, travel, knowledge?  This card encourages you to connect with that deep source, and like a rose opening to the sun, focus on your true desire and make it manifest in your life.

Reversed:  You have become far too resigned to never getting what you desire or truly want.  You are dangerously close to becoming an angry and disappointed person, a scrooge of the heart.  Stop it right now, and re-connect to your true, and sacred,  desires.

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