Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Stars are a perfect image of the constancy of Grace in our lives.  To raise one's eyes to the vast azure sky at twilight, and behold the ubiquitous wonder of the stars is to find wonder, and  inspiration that flows from the  Source.  The waters of Grace are eternal, and offer hope, healing and inspiration as they pour into the sustaining pool.  The woman's nude figure further enhances this image; there is nothing to fear or to hide, no artifice in the grace that pours through her hands, cleansing and nourishing the soul, bringing hope and renewal.

Reversed, the card could mean that you need to reacquaint yourself with your source of Grace.  The light of Grace, like starlight, is eternally present for you - don't be afraid to ask. You have become perhaps too exhausted, or despairing, to remember.  Or perhaps you have come to believe, erroneously and to your detriment, that you are "unworthy".  This is not true.  Grace is available for all.  Go outside, lie beneath the stars, and ask for the Grace that is unconditionally given to everyone.

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