Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The word "Mystery" derives from a Greek word that originally meant "that which cannot be spoken", and related to the early Mysteries, rituals such as the Eleusinian Mysteries.  Participants were forbidden to speak with others, except fellow celebrants,  about what they had experienced within the sacred initiations they had undergone.  This was partly because, having entered the magic circles, they had left behind the familiar and mundane dimensions of their lives, and returning to their ordinary lives, it would diminish the profound meanings of their experiences by attempting to describe them.  This enhanced the idea of the sacred dimension of the Mystery.  This card is to remind you that you also stand before the initiatory door of a Mystery - walk through with wonder, an open mind, and few words.

Reversed:  Your life has become far too mundane and constrained by conventional thinking and limitations.  Be aware that the mysterious is all around you, and open up to it. 

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