Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A woman sits in a "house of doors" - the walls that surround her are transparent to the vast possibilities of her imagination.  Everything comes into manifestation first through the creative power of imagination.  Can you also imagine that you  are the artist of your life?  With the power of your creative imagination, you can begin to manifest the life you desire, change habits and limitations, and improve your health and fortune.  By what we imagine, collectively and individually, new worlds and futures come into being, and you are urged to use this great power wisely and fully.

Reversed:  You may have narrowed your horizons far too much, and are living an unimaginative personal myth or story, which will insure you an unimaginative life.  Or, this card reversed may also indicate an "over-active" imagination, inventing things that aren't really present in your circumstances or relationships.  Take a good, realistic  look at the situation, and get some honest  outside advice.


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