Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This card was inspired by the traditional Tarot card "The Tower", and is about the shattering of the familiar, and the loss of stability.  Things are falling apart, and now it completely  necessary to not deny the fact.  

Psychologist Stanislaf Grof has coined the term "Spiritual Emergency", which means times of fragmentation of the self that, although painful and frightening, are nevertheless spiritual crises.  Often precipitated by outer events, these times can be breakthroughs into new lives that have previously been repressed, denied, or unripe.  "Work with it"  is the meaning of this image, don't run away from this dark time of fragmentation. This time of loss can also be viewed as a breakthrough time.  Don't try to deny the powerful emotions, and the insights, that are now emerging.  Journal.  Find a counselor. Read.  Talk to others.  Seek spiritual and psychological guidance.  See this experience as an opportunity for transformation and change.  Reversed, the card can mean that you are overwhelmed.   Seek help, find a safe place where you can heal, and seek the truth of your internal experience. 

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