Wednesday, February 2, 2011



New life quickens in the sleeping Earth dreaming beneath the roots
 Just like Mother Earth, incubating spring beneath the roots of the surface world, you are pregnant, even if you're a man. Not necessarily with a child, but certainly pregnant with an idea, a creative project, a new life.  When a mother is incubating something, its important to take very good care of herself, to be sure that everything she does is in service of nourishing herself and her growing,  unborn child.  She also must put her thoughts into preparing a harmonious, beautiful home and nurturing environment for the immanent birth growing within her.

If you've drawn this card, the same advice applies to you.  Prepare with for the birth you are incubating.  Let your instincts, and your world, nourish its joyful growth.  Who knows, you may even have twins!  Reversed:  You may not be taking care of yourself, you may not be protecting and preparing your emotional, physical, or psychic "womb" for the new life that is fragile within you right now.  Be careful, lest your pregnancy be stillborn.

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