Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Image is by Catherine Nash (1985)

Taking the Leap of Faith

In this image by artist Catherine Nash someone takes a leap of faith from a high and dangerous ledge.  Hidden in the recesses, in the shadows, is another figure, a frightened soul clutching a narrow perch, too terrified to even watch as she flies. Sometimes (after doing some level-headed research) it's necessary to gather your courage, say your prayers, trust your intuition, have faith, and just do it. Take the great leap of faith into the unknown, with the confidence that the universe will support you.

If you've chosen this card, you are being encouraged to "take the plunge".  The time has come to go ahead and make that great leap of faith to the next evolutionary step, the new adventure  or enterprise you've been longing for.   Reversed, the card may caution you against recklessness:  you may need to examine your resources so that, when the appropriate  time comes to leap, you are well prepared and confident.  Conversely, you may also be  encouraged to examine your fears of falling and failing ,  to take a long hard look at the fears and lack of confidence that "keep you on the ledge", creating a lack of faith in yourself and in your world.

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