Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In our world, anger and rage are generally (and often appropriately) avoided or suppressed.  Violent and aggressive rage can be enormously destructive, obviously.  However, anger that is suppressed and unconscious can be enormously destructive as well, manifesting as both unconscious or undifferentiated harm to others, or as is more likely, as disease and depression for the one who harbors a history of suppressed anger.  Rage is, after all, energy.........and energy can be expressed or channelled in constructive ways.  In fact, without righteous anger there would not have been social change, from civil rights, women's rights and environmentalism.   Sometimes the only appropriate response is honest anger, and the challenge is to find ways to put that enormous energy to good use in order to bring about change.  Go for it.

Reversed:  You may be suppressing a lot of anger - watch out, you're close to getting sick or to exploding.  Get real about it now, and talk about it, no matter how difficult that may be for you.  Conversely, you may be in an environment that has become toxic with abusive anger, and you would be wise to put yourself into a much more positive situation as soon as possible.

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