Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What is your relationship to your personal Power?  By that is meant your ability to affect and interact with others and to determine the manifestation of what you desire in your life?   Personal power is the energy reserve you have to work with, your enthusiasm and confidence.  Power in a social context could be your charisma, your charm, and your power of persuasion.  Power can also arise from being spiritually aligned with your higher self, with the Divine in the way that you experience what is sacred.  If you've chosen this card, this is a good time when many uses of power are becoming, or are, available to you.  Chose wisely how you use those enormous reserves within you.

Reversed:  Do you "give your power away"?  Do you continually render over your energy, resources, and authority to others, perhaps in the hope that you'll be loved for it? Or do you do it because inwardly you don't think you have a right to your personal power?   Do you often become a victim of various forms of "psychic vampirism"?  Now is the time to look at these issues, and begin the process of self-understanding that will enable you to change it.  Stop giving your power away, and claim what is rightfully your own.

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