Wednesday, February 2, 2011


An old woman stands before the deep roots of the "Tree of Life". She is a "Saga", a word from the Finnish that means "Old Woman".  But Saga is also a word that universally means "A very long story".  And old man who is wise is called something similar - he is a "Sage", offering "sage words of advice".  Age brings the wisdom that can come from a Saga, a long life quest spun from many experiences, and interwoven with many lives into maturity of heart and soul.  You may be encouraged, having drawn this card, to take on the role now of Elder within your community or family, to celebrate this time and accept the responsibilities that go with it.  This card may also concern your need to seek out the wisdom and advice of a Saga or Sage with the knowledge and experience that you very much need.

Reversed:  You may be, frankly, immature in your dealings with some current situation, or your perspective and goals.  It would serve you well to re-examine things from this perspective, and if possible, seek out an elder to give you better perspective.

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All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2011)

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