Wednesday, February 2, 2011


THE GOD ("The Emperor") 

The God represents the divine male force as it exists collectively within the world, and as a deep persona within the soul of each human being, whether a man or a woman. Carl Jung called the internal male attribute the "Animus".  Traditionally in the Tarot this card portrayed a stern and often elderly man, ruling from his throne.  While this figure radiates personal power, and is indeed the  young King or Tribal Chieftain, tenderness and compassion may be seen in his eyes, as well as the strength that comes from a deep understanding of his sacred relationship with nature. .  In Celtic Lore he might be Herne, Lord of the Forest - among the Cherokee, he would be called Kana'Ti, the Lord of the Hunt, whose wife is Selu, Corn Mother.  Within this understanding, the God does indeed represent the ability to rule, but as a chosen chief who leads the sacred hunt, and is the lover and partner of the Goddess, within the great harmonies of the natural and human world.  Bringing these attributes into harmony within your life and environment now is very important as you now take a leadership role.

Reversed:  Psychologists might say that the "Animus" is wounded within your inner life, and within your environment.  You may lack a strong sense of the "inner male", indeed, you may be dealing with issues of male abuse, violence, or  familial and personal tyranny.  This  causes enormous harm to yours or others emotional and spiritual being - seek out positive, and compassionate,  expressions of the male force in your life, and heal the negative.  Which may mean that you have to leave.

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