Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are all divided beings,  with conflicting impulses and multiple personae.  To give too much emphasis to one aspect of ourselves, is to give as much power to the other, unconscious, so-called “shadow” parts, which have a way of manifesting with as much force as that with which  they are denied.  According to Jungian therapy, parts of the psyche that are repressed, denied, or negated too much will be projected onto others, or appear as "uncontrollable" behaviors that often seem inexplicable.   Like the oriental Yin/Yang symbol, the key is to seek balance, to develop a   non-dualistic appreciation of  life.  The poet  Kalil Gibran wrote that "The well of your joy is as deep as the well of your sorrow".

Reversed:  This card reversed indicates a strong tendency toward being overly judgemental and intolerant, of others, or perhaps to yourself.  Cultivate the philosophy of non-dualistic thinking, of holism, to balance this tendency.

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