Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's important to understand your roots.  Your ancestors are the roots from which you spring, and in ways that are karmic and subtle, they sustain you, assist you,  and affect you. In shamanic cultures, the ancestors are often called upon for spiritual assistance, and offerings are made to their memory.  While it is unusual for us to have that kind of relationship to happen today, without honoring the ancestral strands that weave into your contemporary life, you are lacking a strong foundation for deeper insight into your own psyche and that of your immediate family.  Take the time to learn what you can of your family, and your collective history, go back as far as you can, ask questions.  In a broader sense, this card is about developing the grounding that comes from respecting one's origins, and hence, respecting and comprehending better the origins of others. 

Reversed, the meaning of this card may be that you feel rootless and adrift, and have a sense of not belonging.  Seek information not only about your background, which will benefit you immensely, but make an effort to develop a deeper connection and understanding of historical  forces from the past that have had much to do with shaping the person you are today.

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