Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Older yet, and lovelier far 
this Mystery, and I will not forget.

Robin Williamson

In the past people lived in far closer contact with nature. They had an intimate and conversational relationship with the natural world, and experienced the elemental powers as beings living all around them, mythic, mysterious, sometimes helpful, sometimes dangerous or capricious. For traditional people,  Bear had a voice, a certain stone might be long sought and infused with talismanic properties.....and the appearance of Raven, or Wolf, or Butterfly might just bring a special message. 

At the Findhorn Community in Scotland  the "Devas" are consulted before plantings are begun,  in order to establish a co-creative relationship, and among many Native American traditions, people go on "vision quests" into the wilderness to seek information and vision from animals and elemental forces.  It may be time for you to venture into the wilderness again, time to re-sensitize yourself  to listen to what the magic of the natural world has to tell you.   Perhaps it's time to visit a sacred place, which could be a journey to a great mountain - or just to a special boulder on a grassy hilltop you've always felt drawn to.   A place that is sacred to you, a place  where the  powers of earth, air, fire, and water speak to your heart.  And that could be found right in your own garden.  If reversed:  Get out of the house,  and turn off the computer or TV.  You are desperately in need of natural magic.

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