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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Rainbow Bridge Oracle

"I've always thought of the Rainbow as as actually being a circle. 
Half disappears into the ground, into an underworld realm, 
hidden, but always present. " 

 Christy Salo

A Divination System
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In the Tarot, the Higher Arcana is a progression through what mythologist Joseph Campbell called the "Hero’s Journey".  The first card in the traditional Tarot deck  is The Fool .  

The Fool represents the utterly open innocence, and infinite possibilities,  with with we incarnate into this world.  The Arcana progress through different  experiences, revelations, trials and initiations.

The last card of the Journey is The World, the return Home. Although my Oracle Deck is not a Tarot, I have still used this metaphor in its creation.

The journey is a Circle.

Check previous posts on this blog to see a reading spread, and  to view each card and its divinatory meanings.    

The Deck is currently (October 2021) unavailable as a new publication is pending. Please contact   if you would like to be notified when the deck becomes available.  Thank you for your interest!

All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)         

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Cards!

 "What might we see, how might we act,  if  we  saw with a webbed vision? The world seen through a web of relationships….”

Catherine Keller

A weaver  takes threads of many colors and skillfully weaves them together into a beautiful  tapestry.  We talk about "spinning a tale", meaning a storyteller takes "threads" of different characters and weaves them together into a good story with many inter-woven events. 

The name "Penelope" originally meant "with a web on her face", a term that was probably a title for an oracle, or perhaps a Goddess of Fate. But "webbed vision" can also have a contemporary meaning as  a way of seeing the world with a unitive eye, all people connected and in relationship to each other.  That kind of vision enables you to be a "good weaver" in your community, family, and life.  You are a person who helps others to "connect the dots" -  a true instinctual networker. 

Reversed:  You  may be having a hard time seeing the connections between people and/or events in your life, partly because you feel so disconnected  and isolated from others.  Get back "on line" with your life, and reach out to re-connect with whatever it takes.


"Remember that not getting what you want
is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."

The Dalai Lama

"Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it" is an old folk saying that has much truth to it.   We have all dreamed of having great wealth, or being with the best looking boy in school, or any number of  wishes.  And sometimes we do get what we think we want, but in one of the great ironies of life, our happiness can soon turn to misery and disappointment.  Sometimes getting what we think we want can be the worst thing that can happen to us, because what we want is concentrated on desires that are  immature, addictive, vindictive, greedy, or even unconsciously self-destructive. 

 The "Law of Attraction" demonstrates that we attract that which we focus upon,  and consciously (or unconsciously) what we  concentrate upon can manifest.  Loving and generous wishes attract loving and generous results. Negativity and pessimism just manifests more negativity and pessimism, creating a self-fulfilling cycle.  Bearing all of this in mind, now is an excellent time to begin to manifest!

Reversed:  You're not able to manifest what you want because of either a lack of belief in yourself, or you are too negative in your worldview. 


"Speak to the earth, and it will teach you".......Job 12:8

 EARTHMIND  is included in this deck because today both science and spirituality have converged in our understanding that all life on planet Earth is  interdependent, a vast network of ecologies.  In 1979  James Lovelock, with Lynn Margulis, developed the Gaia Hypothesis, demonstrating that the Earth is one living,  self-regulating organism.  They named their theory after the primal Mother Goddess of Greek mythology, Gaia.

How would we live  if we truly experienced  Gaia as mother, friend,  as self?  We are the Earth, and it's important that we live and act sustainably, and with reverence,   for the benefit of  all beings of the Earth.  Future generations depend on us.  Thank you for your caring, and your efforts.

Reversed:  Without caring, effort, and work for a sustainable future,  the outcome is reversed for everyone.  We're all together on this one.


 In this immeasurable darkness,
 be the power that rounds your senses 
 in their magic ring,
 the sense of their mysterious encounter

 Rainier Maria Rilke

Among the Lakota, long preparations were made for the Vision Quest.  Those who sought  initiation fasted, prayed, and prepared themselves  to  "call for vision".  They then went to a special place in the wilderness.  When a young man returned with  a vision it was shared with the tribe,  and sometimes examined to see if it had prophetic or ceremonial significance for not only the individual, but for the entire tribe.

This is a tool we have largely lost.   True visionary experience is "soul language"; like dreams and synchronistic experiences, a vision has multiple layers of meaning, and transcends  time as we understand it.   Visions, like dreams, communicate universal and personal truths, and whether unintended or intentionally induced in some way, can  catalyze a spiritual path or a life's work.  You are encouraged to "call for vision" in your own way. Do it in a sacred manner, and share and discuss your vision with others of like mind.

Reversed:  Visions can be profoundly significant.......but sometimes there is also a fine line between spiritual revelation and highly subjective schizophrenia.  Practice discernment.


How many “identities” are brought to the passing parade of roles assumed in the course of being a child, parent, lover, employee, elder, artist, soldier........and so on?  We are all “shapeshifters”.  But masks can get "stuck on the face", hard to take off because we've identified so strongly with it.  So how can one be fluid with the masks that are ever changing?  One way is to become self-aware shapeshifters.  Congratulations on being so versatile!

Reversed:  You are stuck in one role, to the detriment of all the other Beings inside just clamoring for a chance to express themselves.  

 Time to throw a "Persona Party".

All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)         

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 Oracular Cards Inspired by the Tarot

“You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because
the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.”

---Black El

The great Dakota seer and Medicine Man Black Elk  had a vision, when he was a young boy,  he later called "the Hoop of the Nations".  Although he saw the "hoop" of his  own Lakota people broken, he also forsaw a future time, symbolized by a great Circle of interlocking hoops, when many people,  from the world’s four directions,  would come  together  to form a "great hoop".   Black Elk's vision has been called by some the "Rainbow Tribe".   The Rainbow, to me, represents the birth of this emerging global paradigm, which includes a multi-cultural vocabulary for the sacred. 

As mystical traditions of East and West join with the teachings of indigenous shamans, Goddess ways, New Age, contemporary psychology, Quontum Physics and modern science, and the universal language of the arts, a RAINBOW BRIDGE is forming to unite humanity with each other, and with other dimensions of spirit.

 The Rainbow Bridge is really an  Oracle Deck, although it was inspired by my many years of reading the Tarot.  In Tarot, the Higher Arcana is a progression through what mythologist Joseph Campbell called the "Hero’s Journey".  The first card in the traditional deck  is The Fool (Innocence) representing the openness with with we incarnate into this world.

The last card of the Journey is The World, the return Home. 


All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)         


Like the Tarot, the Rainbow Bridge Oracle may be used for divination in many ways.  I use a 13 card spread I created for myself, and I chose the number 13 because it was traditionally sacred to the Great Mother, as there are 13 lunations in a year.  And so the 13th Question (or, the 13th Moon, the "home moon") is the Outcome. Shuffle the cards, and draw a card in response to each question, laying them out in a Circle.

1.  What do I need? 
(At the beginning of an endeavor or a quest, one gathers the tools and resources one will need to undertake the journey.)

2.  How can I purify myself? 
(Purification before any form of prayer or ceremony was important to Native American traditions.  Before any "vision quest" can begin, inner preparation is necessary.)

3.  What must I honor?  
(This concerns the importance of recognizing the gifts you possess. Establishing a foundation of gratitude.)

4.  What should my intention be?
(Clearly defining the Querant's intention, understanding one's essential purpose in this undertaking.)

5.  What is hidden? 
(What should the Querant be willing to investigate?  What is the shadow in this situation?)

6.  What must I do to improve my connection to Spirit? 
(What spiritual practices will assist me?)

7.  What must I sacrifice? 
(Letting go of control and allowing vulnerability is not easy, and often requires leaving what is known behind. What needs to be released in order to go forward?)
8.  Where am I going?
(This is not about an actual place, but how am I inwardly transforming?)

9.  What do I need in order to be in good relationship with others? 
(The growth of compassion, empathy, and skillful means in dealings with others. What practices might assist?)

10.  What do I need from others to be in good relationship?
(What is necessary for me to fully engage with others - or conversely, what is unacceptable or destructive for me in my dealings with others?)

11.  Where should I go now?
(In what direction is the Quest leading me?)

12.  How may I serve? 
(What service  can I can make to life, community, and the Earth?)

13. The Outcome.
(Up to three cards may be pulled for better clarity.)


All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)         

THE CARDS In Alphabetical Order






















































All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)         


The Stars are a perfect image of the constancy of Grace in our lives.  To raise one's eyes to the vast azure sky at twilight, and behold the ubiquitous wonder of the stars is to find wonder, and  inspiration that flows from the  Source.  The waters of Grace are eternal, and offer hope, healing and inspiration as they pour into the sustaining pool.  The woman's nude figure further enhances this image; there is nothing to fear or to hide, no artifice in the grace that pours through her hands, cleansing and nourishing the soul, bringing hope and renewal.

Reversed, the card could mean that you need to reacquaint yourself with your source of Grace.  The light of Grace, like starlight, is eternally present for you - don't be afraid to ask. You have become perhaps too exhausted, or despairing, to remember.  Or perhaps you have come to believe, erroneously and to your detriment, that you are "unworthy".  This is not true.  Grace is available for all.  Go outside, lie beneath the stars, and ask for the Grace that is unconditionally given to everyone.

All artwork is copyright Lauren Raine MFA (2021)