Monday, November 11, 2013

The Rainbow Bridge Oracle

I'm pleased to announce that I've published  a limited edition of my 53 card deck  "The Rainbow Bridge Oracle"  for $45.00.   The  deck comes with a  lined velvet bag.  
can be purchased with PayPal at the Website:

 Because I'm self-publishing, the book and the cards must be ordered separately.   
To purchase the accompanying book, and/or E-Book:

A Divination System

Softcover                            $27.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket   $41.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap   $45.95
Apple E-Book:              $5.00

For a preview  visit this LINK

Please visit the Rainbow Bridge Oracle Website for information about other products, including prints of artwork.

"I've always thought of the Rainbow as as actually being a circle. Half disappears into the ground, into an underworld realm, hidden, but present. "
Christy Salo

 In the Tarot, the Higher Arcana is a progression through what mythologist Joseph Campbell called the "Hero’s Journey".  The first card in the traditional Tarot deck  is The Fool .  The Fool represents the utterly open innocence, and infinite possibilities,  with with we incarnate into this world.  The Arcana progress through different  experiences, revelations, trials and initiations. The last card of the Journey is The World, the return Home. Although my Oracle Deck is not a Tarot, I have still used this metaphor in its creation.

The journey is a Circle.

Check previous posts on this blog to see a reading spread, and commentary on all the cards.  You can also view the Cards  on this Blog.

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